Terms and Conditions

Alton Lane is a true custom experience. Your garments are made just for you based on your measurements, choice of fabrics and styling. If for any reason your garments need adjustments, please contact our Customer Experience team customerservice@altonlane.com or your local showroom and we will guide you through the process.

About Alton Lane and these Conditions of Sale

These Conditions of Sale apply to any sales of Alton Lane products or services that you may order from using the website www.altonlane.com and any associated mobile or digital applications that refer to these Conditions of Sale (together, the “Platforms”) or by telephone via our stores (together “Client Sales Channels”).

Please read these Conditions of Sale carefully. These Conditions of Sale are applicable to any order placed through the Client Sales Channels. Please note that before placing an order for products or services, you will be asked to agree to these Conditions of Sale. If you do not agree to these Conditions of Sale, then you will not be able to order any products or services through the Client Sales Channels.

Update to those Conditions of Sale

We may make changes from time to time to these Conditions of Sale so please check back regularly to keep informed of updates. The latest version of these Conditions of Sale will always be available on the platform. Any new version of these Conditions of Sale shall take effect immediately upon the date of posting and will govern any orders of products or services made as from that date. Any changes to the Conditions of Sale made after you have placed an order will not affect that order and your relationship with us, except as may be required by applicable law

Quantity limits may apply in relation to orders for certain products. We reserve the right to refuse at any moment in time, without prior notice, orders exceeding a certain number of authorized products.

Purchasing Eligibility

Only individuals (and not legal entities) who (a) have reached the age of legal majority required to enter contracts (eighteen in most countries); (b) have legal capacity to enter contracts; and (c) use a shipping address in the country or countries that we ship to as specified by the Client Sales Channels, may enter this Agreement and order products through the Client Sales Channels. If you are under the age of legal majority or otherwise cannot lawfully enter a contract, you must have your parent or guardian place an order on your behalf and they will be asked to agree to these Conditions of Sale.

By placing an order through the Client Sales Channels, you represent and warrant that you are a bona fide end-user customer purchasing for your own or another’s personal use and will not deliver, sell or otherwise distribute our products or purchase our products or services for commercial purposes.

Product Availability and Quantity

All orders placed through the Client Sales Channels are subject to availability and acceptance of such orders by us. Products shown on the Platforms, which cannot be added to the shopping bag, are not available for sale via the Platforms. The Sales Rep can provide more information about these products. For information about the order process, please refer to our Order Process section below.

Quantity limits may apply in relation to orders for certain products. We reserve the right to refuse at any moment in time, without prior notice, orders exceeding a certain number of authorized products.

Account Registration and Guest Checkout

To place an order, you may either register and create an online account, or place an order as a guest without creating an online account by selecting the "Guest Checkout" option. Where you place an order as a guest, we may still create an account on our internal systems to record your purchase(s).

Order Process

The order process of the Platforms will include the following: Add to Cart: Once you have chosen a product, you may place this product in your cart. You may then decide to continue shopping for other products and add them to your cart (subject to availability and quantity limits). Placing an item in your cart does not guarantee availability for purchase, which is not confirmed until you receive a written Confirmation of Order & Shipment.

Guest/Account Checkout: When you are ready, you then proceed to Checkout, either as a guest or through your registered account. You may also remove one or several products you have selected from the shopping bag as part of the checkout process.

Order Review and Payment As part of the checkout process, you add and review your order details and personal information (including e-mail, shipping address, billing address and payment information). You should carefully check and confirm all details on the order summary page before placing your order.

Prices, Taxes, and Shipping Costs

All prices shown on the product pages of the Platforms or quoted by Customer Experience include sales taxes/VAT but exclude shipping costs and other taxes unless otherwise stated.

The applicable currency will be updated based on the shipping destination after you provide us with the delivery address and will be shown in your shopping bag before you place your order. You should check updated prices and currency carefully.

Sales, use or other taxes will vary based on the location to which products are being shipped.

Shipping costs, if any, are described in the Shipping & Handling Policy below or on the Client Sales Channels. Shipping costs are not stated on the product pages but will be added to the product price after you have chosen your delivery options. These costs will be summarized before you are asked to confirm and place your order and will also be reflected in our email correspondence with you once you have chosen your delivery options.

We reserve the right to modify prices and delivery costs at any time without prior notice.

We take reasonable care that the prices of products and delivery costs are correct at the time when the relevant information was entered into the system or communicated to you via Customer Experience. However, it is always possible that, despite our reasonable efforts, some of the products offered through our Client Sales Channels or delivery costs may be incorrectly priced. If any of the products you place an order for or any delivery costs are incorrectly priced, we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of this error. If we are unable to contact you using the contact details you have provided during the order process, we will cancel the order and notify you in writing. If we mistakenly accept and process your order where a pricing or delivery cost error occurs, we may cancel supply of the product and refund you any sums you have paid.

Please note that changes to applicable law between the date your order is placed and the date you are sent a written Confirmation of Order & Shipment may result in changes to the taxes associated with your order. If the resulting change is an increase in the taxes that you are charged, we will contact you and ask that you reconfirm your order.


We accept the methods of payment identified as part of the order process via the Client Sales Channels. Depending upon the means of payment, we may require additional information, including specific forms of identification.

When ordering on the Platforms, you will need to enter your payment details on the appropriate form. In the case of an order placed by telephone, you will need to communicate to Customer Experience your complete payment details. All payment card holders are subject to validation check and authorization by the card issuer. If the issuer of your payment card refuses to authorize payment to us, you will need to contact your card issuer directly to solve this problem.

Other payment methods may also be subject to validation checks and authorization by the payment system providers as well. You expressly authorize us to perform security checks, where we deem necessary, to transmit or to obtain information (including any updated information) about you to or from third parties from time to time, including but not limited to your payment card details, to authenticate your identity, to validate your payment card, to obtain an initial payment card authorization and to authorize individual purchase transactions.

Order Confirmation

Once you have made your choice and your order has been placed through the Client Sales Channels, you will receive a written Order Confirmation (by e-mail or otherwise confirming the details of your order together with an order reference number). Please make sure that you save this order reference number for any future enquiries regarding your order. This Order Confirmation is not an acceptance of your order. To confirm the order, we will conduct its usual credit, anti-fraud, security and related legal checks and, if acceptable, will then process your order. Upon receipt of the Order Confirmation, it is your responsibility to review it and confirm that it accurately reflects your intended order. If you have any questions or concerns or if the Order Confirmation does not reflect your intentions, you should contact the Customer Experience team promptly at customerservice@altonlane.com.

These Conditions of Sale will be provided to you when we acknowledge your order.

Shipping Policy

We only accept orders for delivery to states within the United States. Please note that we do not ship to certain addresses, such as military, certain restricted areas, or pick-up points. For further information, please contact our Customer Experience team at customerservice@altonlane.com.

Confirmation of Order Shipment

Upon shipment of your order, we will send you a Confirmation of Shipment in writing (by e-mail or otherwise). This Confirmation of Shipment constitutes our acceptance of your order and indicates the existence of a binding sales contract.


Alton Lane provides an expected production time for your garments but does not guarantee delivery in a specific time frame. We will use reasonable efforts to ensure delivery by the carrier within the estimated delivery lead time from the date of our written Confirmation of Order & Shipment. Once an order has been placed for custom garments, there is a maximum of 24 hours to request any changes. After that, we cannot guarantee your changes can be accommodated as our factories start your order within the same timeframe.

If delivery of products is delayed by an event outside our control, we will inform you as soon as possible and will use reasonable efforts to minimize the effect of the delay.

If you have specified a recipient who is not you for delivery purposes (for example, as a gift), then you understand and accept that evidence of a signature by such recipient (or a person at the delivery address) is evidence of delivery and fulfilment of the sales contract by Alton Lane and transfer of responsibility to the recipient in the same way as if the product had been delivered to you. We will not be liable if proof of delivery has been made to the address you provided to us and you did not receive your order.

Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges


Alterations can be necessary to perfect the fit for you. If your garments need tweaking to get them fitting perfectly, please book an appointment to visit the closest showroom to you and our team will be more than happy to get the garments to your liking. If you don’t live in a showroom area, Alton Lane will provide reimbursement for local tailoring up to 110% of the total amount spent in the form of a gift card. It is the customer’s responsibility to send proof of receipt to Alton Lane Customer Experience at customerservice@altonlane.com within 30 days of the alterations being performed to receive your gift card. Once the receipt is sent to our team, it may take up to 15 days to process the issuance of the gift card. Beyond the 30 days, we cannot honor the issuance of the gift card and any remediation would be handled on a case by case basis.

Returns or Refunds

Your garments are made just for you based on your measurements, choice of fabrics and styling. Alton Lane is fully committed to ensuring you have garments that you love to wear. If your garments do not meet your expectations, let us know and we will make it right for you. We’re here to help. Contact our Customer Experience team at customerservice@altonlane.com and we will guide you through the process.

Please note that we do not offer any refunds on any of our custom garments as they are made according to your measurements and design, no one else’s.If there is any issue with the fit or fabrication of your garments, we will work to remake it, or they can be returned for Alton Lane credit in accordance with our terms and conditions. Alton Lane reserves the right to charge for alterations or remakes on subsequent orders after your first round requiring adjustments to fit.

Returns are at the sole discretion of Alton Lane, and will be reimbursed in the form of an Alton Lane gift card or store If your items were purchased with a gift card, the card will be reloaded before another gift card is issued.

Please note that garments made with the same pattern may fit differently because of Alton Lane approved factory production tolerance amounts and because of differences in fabric composition.

Once an order has been placed, there is a maximum of 24 hours to cancel for a full refund. Any cancellation request made after that may incur a restocking fee of 20% of the order at the discretion of the company. Alton Lane will not pay for alterations or a remake after 30 days from garment delivery. Beyond the 30-day period, Alton Lane is happy to work with you to perfect the fit of your garments and will provide the most competitive pricing available.

You must keep a proof of return shipment, and we accept no liability in the event that such proof cannot be produced. Only merchandise received by an Alton Lane distribution center will be eligible for a refund or exchange. Please refer to our FAQs or call the Customer Experience team for further details at customerservice@altonlane.com. You may be asked to provide information about the products for us to make a first assessment of the condition of these products.

Only the buyer will be entitled to receive a refund of the purchase price. In no event will a person who has received the product as a gift (i.e. a “Gift Recipient”) be entitled to receive a refund. If you are a Gift Recipient and wish to return a product, please contact the Customer Experience Center at customerservice@altonlane.com to discuss your options.