Emmanuel Everyday Tuxedo in Navy Emmanuel Everyday Tuxedo in Navy Emmanuel Everyday Tuxedo in Navy Emmanuel Everyday Tuxedo in Navy
Emmanuel Everyday Tuxedo in Navy Emmanuel Everyday Tuxedo in Navy Emmanuel Everyday Tuxedo in Navy Emmanuel Everyday Tuxedo in Navy

Emmanuel everyday tuxedo in navy


Tailored Sizing

Garment Care

Renting is out, join the owners club. There are few rites of passage in modern manhood quite like getting a tux of your own. And if you're going to do it, why not do it right? We say go for the best. The Emmanuel Everyday Tuxedo is exactly that. 100% Australian Merino wool, half-canvas construction, peaked lapels, Bemberg premium lining... this tux ticks all of the boxes. The single satin-covered front button is a chic finishing touch for a perfect look. The four working cuff buttons are the connoisseur's dead giveaway that you're working with a serious piece of tailoring. Whatever the occasion, you've just leveled up.


*Made-to-order garments will arrive within 5 weeks.

  • 100% Australian Merino Wool
  • Half-Canvas Construction
  • Peaked Lapel
  • Bemberg Premium Lining
  • 1 Satin Covered Button
  • 4 Working Buttons
  • Side Vents
  • Standard Pockets
  • Side Tabs
  • Flat Front
  • Slanted Off Seam Pockets
  • Outseam Satin Stripe

Dry clean only.

The Alton Lane Difference

Our Mission

Made-to-measure, made easy. We start with an ultra-precise bodyscan in one of our showrooms. Once we've got your measurements on file, the perfectly tailored suit is only a click away. Our fabrics are the best of the best. We work with top luxury mills like Loro Piana and Scabal but get their luxury craftsmanship for a fraction of the price, without markups. Not only are bespoke suits simply better, we've found a way to make them more convenient, too. There's no changing rooms or long hunts for the right fit. The suit is made and sent to you in days. This is a far cry from the arduous process that bespoke suiting conoisseurs have come to expect. Better fitted, better price, better process. We've cracked the code.

Luxury Fabrics

Alton Lane works with mills like Loro Piana, Scabal, Gladson, and Albini. These are the same mills that the world's most famous clothiers use, but we leave out the markup. We're proud to give our customers the exact same level of luxury for a much better price.

Made to Order

We're using tech to turn traditional tailoring on its head. Measuring tapes and tailor's chalk are yesterday's news. We've got bodyscans and algorithmic design programs to deliver perfect precision cuts. If you've never experienced tailored clothing that's been made to your exact measurements, there has never been a better way to try it. Save time by getting your bodyscan done in one of our showrooms. We keep it on file so you can order new styles whenever you're ready. Check out all the latest seasonal arrivals, pick out your fabrics and finishes, and have it all delivered to your doorstep in days. Everything about this experience is bespoke from beginning to end.